Demian Rudel Rey (Argentina, 1987). Composer and guitarist. He is a graduate in guitar at EMBA (Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires) and at Conservatory of Music from Ciudad de Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla” in 2009 and 2010, where he studied with Walter Ujaldón and Luis Caparra. In 2014 In 2014 he completed his Degree in Instrumental Composition at the UNA (Universidad Nacional de las Artes - National University of Arts), where he studied with Santiago Santero. He has participated as an assistant on 1st International Congress on Science and Music Technology (2013) y as an expositor composer on 2° Congreso Internacional de Ciencia y Tecnología Musical (2015), on 10o National Congress of SEMA “(Entre) Formas” (UBA, Argentina) and on
VIII Symposium of Combined Artistic Languages at UNA. He is currently studying a Masters in Combined Artistic Languages at the UNA (2015). In 2012 he was awarded the First Prize in the annual 2012 TRINAC competition for his work “Diegesis Interna” for ensemble. In the same year he received the First Mention in the TRIME annual competiton for his electroacoustic piece “Suspiro acqua”, and the first mention in the "Competition of composition Música Nueva 2012” under International Festival Música Nueva (FIMN) by the Universidad Maimónides for his octet "Percepcion Híbrida”. In 2013 his electroacoustic piece "Origen de una fábula” was finalist in the
National Bienal of Art 2013 of Argentina in the Sound Art category. In December, has been awarded an Honorable Mention by the electroacoustic work "Paradigma referencial” in the ;annual 2013 National Competition of Composition by the SADAIC "Kröpfl Francisco Award”. In 2014 he has been awarded with an Honorable Mention in the Internation Competition of Composition conDiT for his piece “Cuerpo Presente” and in the Primer Encuentro de Música Contemporánea (National University of Arts) for his work “Glaukos” for flute. In 2015, he received the Second Prize in Fundación Destellos (France-Belgium-Spain-Argentina) in the category Mixed Music with the work "La Sonrisa de una Lágrima" and the First Prize in TRINAC in the category of chamber music with the work “El Soberano”. Moreover, he was awarded with the Electroacoustic Music Prize with the work "Cenizas del Tiempo", Installations and Digital Productions Prize and the Grand Prize of Visual Arts with the work "Noema" at the FAUNA Artistic Festival. Furthermore, “Cenizas del tiempo” has been finalist in the international  competition
Luigi Russolo Award 2015 (France-Spain). In 2016, “Cenizas del Tiempo” has received the Award of Merit in The IndieFEST Film Award 2016 (USA), the First Prize in the Electroacoustic with Video Category in the Concours International de Composition Électroacoustique CICEM 2016 (Monaco) and it has been a finalist at SIME 2016 (France). In addition, his string quartet with electroacoustics "Theophilus" has received the Prize in the Competition of Composition Konex Mozart 2016, the Prize in TRINAC 2016, the Prize in Matera Intermedia 2016 (Italy), and it has been finalist in the Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award 2016 (USA). Moreover, his work for violin "Tres Constelaciones" has been finalist in the Rapee Sagarik Composition Award 2016 (Thailand). Recently, his electroacoustic work "Che-toi" has been finalist in the Competition Métamorphoses 2016 of the Musiques et Recherches (Belgium), which will be published in a disc during 2017; also, the piece "Khēmia I" for bass and electroacoustic has received a Nomination in the International Composition Competition of the Destellos Foundation. During 2017, his piece “Theophilus” has obtained the Prize in the mixed media category of the Matera Intermedia Festival 2017 (Italy), and his work “Tajimamori” has been finalist in the Prix André-Jolivet 2017 (France).
Pendant 2017, sa pièce « Theophilus » a reçu le Prix dans la catégorie musique mixte et son œuvre « Tajimamori » a été finaliste au Prix André-Jolivet 2017 (France).
His works have been selected in different festivals around the world such as MUSLAB 2014, 2015 and 2016 (Mexico), Interensemble 30X30 2015 (Italy), 41st ICMC 2015 (USA), SIRGA Festival 2015 (Spain), Ciclo Imagen & Resonancia III 2015 (Argentina), Bahía [in] sonora Festival 2015 (Argentina), EMUFest 2015 (Italy), XI JAMCI 2015 (Argentina), Fundación Destellos 2015 (AR-FR- BE-SP), Festival Zèppelin 2015 (Spain), Sonosíntesis International Festival 2016 (Mexico), Open Circuit Festival 2016 (England), SIME 2016 (France), II Electroacoustic Music Festival of the Catholic University 2016 (Chile), Alcôme “Le Miroir” 2016 (France), Ciclo Imagen & Resonancia IV 2016 (Argentina), Musinfo Art & Science Days 2016 (France), Edison Studio “Sounds of Silences” 2016 (Italy), PU JOA 2016 (Paraguay), Ai-Maako Festival 2016 (Chile), AIMI XXI CMI 2016 (Italy), Festival Bahía [in] sonora 2015 (Argentina), EMUFest 2016 (Italy), Logos Foundation 2016 (Belgium), XII JAMCI 2016 (Argentina), Caracas Contemporánea Festival 2016 (Venezuela), Festival eviMus 2016 (Germany), Matera Intermedia Festival 2016 (Italy) and FILE Hipersonica 2017 (Brazil).
He has participated as Live Sampling Player in "Les Chants de l'Amour" by Gerard Grisey in Usina del Arte (2013), in "Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern" by Helmut Lachenmann in the Teatro Colón (2014) and in “La Celda” de Mesías Maiguashca in La Cúpula of the CCK (2016). He has been part of jury of selection of works of Visual Music of the Fulldome Workshop UVM 2015/2016 (Argentina).
He is the co-founder and the co-director of LINSEN Media Productions (since 2013) and he is member of the GEAM ensemble (since 2014), where is developed as a composer. Currently, he works as one of the coordinators of the Bahía [in] sonora Festival.


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